Yes, you read it correctly, Moussaka, not something you would expect to be reading but trust me this is an interesting read, well what else have you got to do? 😊

During lockdown I rediscovered my love of cooking and decided to attempt to make my all-time favourite dish Moussaka, how difficult can this be after all I have mastered homemade authentic chicken curry! (So my husband tells me!)

Three attempts later, I give up, I can achieve a fantastic authentic tasting meat but a sloppy bechamel top or visa versa or a complete total disaster!

So I decided to try supermarket own versions of a Moussaka, having roped in Husband and youngest to assist with the tasting here goes: –

4/10 - Sainsburys Taste the Difference – Very disappointing, sloppy mince and bechamel topping, not at all authentic in taste, not sure what it tasted of actually! £3.50 for 400g

5/10 – Tesco Finest – Good presentation, taste not at all authentic, sloppy with little aubergine & potato £3.50 for 350g

 6/10 – M&S Gastropub – Greasy, sloppy, very minty, and not at all authentic and again not a good bechamel topping for £TBC for 410g

 7.5/10 – Cooks – Container was split, not a lot of aubergine, it has a crunchy topping for some reason, and again sloppy, taste not too bad at least edible! £4.50 for 380g

And the winner is.............

9/10 – Charlie Bingham’s – Good presentation, authentic taste a nice béchamel topping, cut like a cake as it should just a little on the spicy side for me £7.75 for 655g (serves 2)

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